Denim People srl takes its roots in the recognized long-standing expertise and experience in the denim world of its founders. We innovatively combine the modern denim with traditional processing. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality products through quality fabrics, Italian tailoring and the best laundries. To make the difference we pay particular attention to details, in constant pursuit of perfection. The best quality fabrics contribute to propose an excellent and convenient product. Denim treatments are essential for our product: unique processing methods and techniques guarantee its uniqueness and authenticity.


We use the best Italian laundries in order to give a perfect vintage appearance to the garments, recreating the features of real worn clothes through the wash. The resulting high quality comes from the skilled washing and the attention to details and patches, mended by hand, and to wearies, made with traditional and advanced techniques such as Laser, Ozone and Iceblasting. The dirty effects are absolutely innovative. Specially treated soil is used in order to give amazing colors and peculiarities to clothes. This unique technique has been a result of collaboration with Dirty Paint staff.


We only use the best Italian and foreign fabrics in collaboration with the most important companies of the field. Accessories, buttons and rivets are personalised and unique. Dirty Paint lies in the Premium Denim range. Our garments are made in Veneto, a region of Northern Italy, by skilled craftsmen who have worked with denim for generations. Particular attention is paid to the details, such as the handmade waistbands of man garments and the open seams, ironed as in the best Denim tradition.